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How it works

This website twitcricket.com allows you to follow local cricket live online.
We need your help to make twitcricket.com as live as possible. We ask you to tweet your cricket scores using twitter.com.
Simply tweet to @twitcricket your scores with the relevant #hashtag code for your cricket league (eg #sxcl= Sussex Cricket League) to ensure it is filed correctly.
Currently twitcricket.com has 27 leagues and four cup competitions with more than 600 clubs taking part in 2014. More leagues are set to follow soon.


twitcricket.com needs you to update the scores in your matches.
Step 1
Join twitter.com
Step 2
follow @twitcricket
Step 3
Send a tweet to @twitcricket with your score and #league code.
For example…
‘@twitcricket team1 123-4 from 56 overs, team2 12-3 off 4 overs #sxcl’


Thanks for your getting involved. Please keep updating your scores.
We hope you enjoy using twitcricket.com


twitcricket.com team